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¡Our Commitment
with quality!

Decades of experience in the aluminum market and hundreds of developed projects at a national and international level have allowed us to gain experience, develop knowledge, and a competent staff to offer aluminum solutions that are developed under the highest quality standards, which provide our customers with the certainty and confidence of being working with the best partner for their projects.

We work under strict ethical supervision and compliance of regulatory and legal standards. We have the necessary equipment and processes to ensure compliance with the specifications of quality for extruded products of AA6000-series aluminum alloy, and rolled products of AA1000 and AA3000-series aluminum alloys.

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Our costumers

Listening to our customers is the first thing for us!, We listen and understand their needs in order to properly assist and offer them a solution that really meets their demand levels. Being able to co-create with them, give recommendations on shapes, alloys, tempering, finishes and other elements associated with a quality product is a passion to us.


Our Team

Our collaborators, at all levels of the organization, are involved and committed to accomplish a high quality scheme through the application of the our management system.

We ensure high quality in tests and calibrations through the implementation of a quality management system based on the ISO 17025 Standard. Therefore, technical competence and reliability of the analytical results are well proofed by applying reliable and reproducible test methodologies.




Based on our customer needs and in order to make sure that all the components we use are free of contaminant agents, we meticulously select the raw materials. Thus, we manage to get to the requested material mix, always aligned with the final use of the product. In such a way, we maintain the chemical compositions within the standards of the Aluminum Association.

At ALUMINA, more than half of the material we use in the production process is recycled, which restates our commitment to the environment by reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.




In our ingot casting and production process, we guarantee that grain size and phase transformation are correct, through metallographic tests that allow us to ensure that our products provide the right mechanical properties that correspond to each alloy and temper.




In the extrusion process, we monitor the production parameters in real time such as speed, temperatures, hardness levels, mechanical properties, dimensions and surface properties. Our collaborators constantly validate that the the parts meet the product plans.

Our aluminum matrices and profiles are manufactured under international standards (ANSI735,2 – ASTM221). Exclusive use of matrices by the customer is guaranteed as well as the necessary number of copies, their respective replacement due to wear and tear, and intellectual property of profiles developed.



We have a wide variety of finishes in both anodizing, liquid and powder paint, which gives the product greater resistance to abrasion, greater protection against corrosion and prolongs its lifespan.

We guarantee high quality based on international anodizing standards in terms of anodic and sealed layer thickness, providing a durable, non-absorbent or reactive finish to the different conditions the product is exposed to in the environment. We meet QUALANOD.

Our quality standards are based on the international standards of paint in terms of coating thickness and pre-treatment quality of aluminum, which allow optimum adhesion making it resistant to different environments and mechanical stresses without fractures in the paint layer. We meet AAMA 2603 for powder paint and AAMA 2605 for liquid paint.