Single Hung Window

The PROTECT SERIES | Single Hung Window is an impact resistant system that combines a contemporary and modern design meeting high performance requirements. These systems have been tested and approved for the Florida Building Code including the HVHZ zone (Miami-Dade County), one of the most stringent requirements in the nation.

Extrusions High grade aluminum alloy 6063-T6
Substrate approved application Pored concrete, wood, metal and concrete block.
Finishes The highest quality of coating: Kynar AAMA 2605, Powder AAMA 2603 y 2604 and anodized 15um
Aesthetics Custom muntins, simulated divided lites and mid-rails available
Max window width 53-1/8”
Max window height 74”
Frame thickness 1-5/6””
Max P.S.F. +100 / -150
Prooduct Approval Number FL31388

** For installations in Florida, please see the Florida Product for usage and limitations.

** Approved for use in Miami-Dade HVHZ Zones

Florida Building Code Approved

Product Approval Number: Single Hung Window FL31388 [High Impact Single Hung Window]



Frame sill Single Hung Window
Frame jamb Single Hung Window

Configurations (Design styles)

Standard full view or custom muntins, simulated divided lights and mid-rails available

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