Our company specializes in the design and extrusion of profiles tailored to the manufacturing of high-performance architectural enclosures, including our proprietary product lines, Koncept and Superior. Additionally, we possess the capability to custom-design and extrude profiles to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our extensive portfolio features a range of standard railing and profile designs. Moreover, we offer comprehensive advisory services and technical support to our clients throughout the entirety of their projects utilizing our profiles.

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Our company excels in the extrusion of bespoke profiles, featuring exclusive and personalized designs tailored to our clients' needs. Our team of skilled engineers and technical advisors ensures precision and expertise in this process. Furthermore, we offer a range of proprietary profile systems for various applications within industries such as stairs, furniture, structural components, transportation, and more. Our extensive portfolio comprises versatile profiles designed to meet diverse industry demands.

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Our presence and production capacity

1 production plant


years of


Extrusion: 1820 Ton / month
Anodized: 396 Ton / month
Paint: 1154 Ton / month
Foil: 337 tons/month